Electrical energy management of an industrial plant

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering


In our present global world, appropriate technological solutions are tried for using in the industry.

Decline of the non-renewable energy source of the Earth effects the significant role of power management. It also concerns substantially the industry. Accordingly every mills have to manage and practise economy with energy, it starts to the road the science of power management. The subject of this thesis is analysing the electricity management of an industrial works and searching for cost reducing opportunities solved by technological solutions. Assuming the industrial works operates with appropriate technology and optimization of fabrication processes. We touch on partly the cost efficient operation of water, gas, and pneumatic systems because some reason join the electricity and other kind of energy. Optimization of the electricity power management according to many reason is the main subject of the thesis. In 2008 the electricity market opened to industrial persons in Hungary, so after exploring the liberalized market we have to select the proper Electricity Supply Company. At this point implicitly the reduction of the charges is the main aspect. Releasing loss of the grid can result in cost saving during the time of the fabrication. At this point choosing the optimal power factor controller, forming the appropriate technology of lighting, developing a well functioning building supervisory system are in the main focus. Operation safety has to be checked, including control of the quality of electricity, straining of the perturbation of the network, measuring the content of harmonics, holding the voltage on an appropriate level, avoiding occurrent overloads and meddling in case of need. Declining the quality of voltage can give rise to different harmful influences. In order to achieve operation safety distinct investments are needed which can solve the problems. The charges of these investments aid the undisturbed run of production so having a positive effect on the prime targets of operation. Establishing electricity control system is suggested for controlling the operation safety and filtering out the incidental failures thus reduce the electricity costs. In this wise the energy flow of important junctions can be followed up all the time except that quality of energy and consumption. One of the advantages of the system is the operator can detect the mistakes in time so producing faulty products is avoidable. One object is introduction the main features of the electricity control system and dissection of the run is the other. Some investments can raise the capacity of the mill and cause postponement of certain investments. So utilizing the capacity of the works is an important aspect especially establishing the power factor controlling sytem. Latter expansions are worth considering in the midst of investments in case of the institution want to expand. Considering the long run of pursuit the prospects of maintains have to be examined and rated among the regards. In accordance with thick written aspects the charges have to be reduced with an appropriate algorithm and reaching an efficent run of the works.Because of several aspects and large number of variables some kind of algorithm can be created by adverting economic and technological dissection purport evaulating a whale of details.

Draw some conclusion establishing efficient power management demands multiple knowledge as allocating the optimum means analysing inconsistent regards with making compromises. On the one hand the charges of investments will return in reducing the losses and on the other hand in the operation safety, some convenience effects can arise.


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