Industrial control module testing with intelligent embedded system

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Industrial control systems require high availability to maximise productivity. Thus it is necessary to replace all presumably failing components as soon as possible, instead of further analysis. However, most of these modules are capable of operation and ready to be used again after proper testing.

This thesis presents a test framework for an actual industrial system including a module connector and its control program. The program works as a system bus simulator and controls the connected module which enables us to check its possible states, cover all test cases or locate failures.

First, I briefly described the underlying system including the most common modules. The test environment should support user defined module tests since the detailed description of some modules are not available yet. Moreover, few modules operate separate from the system bus with unique pins and signals which defines a new abstraction level in our design.

The user interface should provide an easy solution to save new module definitons and test cases. Today System-on-a-chips are available at an accessible price which enables an out of the box application of new interfaces to control embedded systems. Considering this, I created a real time web application which lets users start saved tests, configure new ones (both system bus depent and separate), perform real time configuration changes and also displays results in a readable format.


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