Artifact free rendering of directional light shadows in real time

OData support
Dr. Magdics Milán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis describes techniques that extend the original Sample Distribution Shadow Mapping SDSM Lauritzen10 to improve the speed of rendering on PCs while also trying to maintain the original quality. We try to improve performance by making the GPU memory readback asynchronous. We focus on trying to combat the temporal artifacts introduced by the readback latency using various techniques. We use neural networks based camera position and orientation prediction paired with temporal reprojection to improve image quality. We added extended frustums to increase temporal image coherency. We implemented a prototype framework and application in CPP and GLSL to demonstrate our technique. The application uses a modern OpenGL 4 based rendering pipeline. We used non-photorealistic rendering extended with Cascaded Shadow Mapping for a single directional light source to simulate a scene lit by the sun. We aim to create a technique that is fast and easy to integrate into existing rendering pipelines.


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