Developing control methods for ABS functionality of a vehicle

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the past few years the development of embedded systems revolutionized the vehicle

industry, it enabled implementing a wide variety of comfort, safety and environment

protective control algorithms.

In the last decade the ABS (Anti Blocking System), it is an object of the engineers to

develop it and make it more effective. The goal is to sense and set the wheel slip as

accurately as possible. The control task is hard, because in many cases the quality of the

asphalt (material, wetness) is unknown, but steerability and braking distance could be

critical in case of emergency braking.

Therefore besides developing various kinds of functions which make the vehicle more

autonomous, development of ABS has an increased role. For the controlling, besides the

conventional ones they developed various kinds of strategies including those which

applies artificial intelligence.

In my thesis I have set designing, Simulink implementation and control of and ABS model

as a goal. At first I have proposed a genetic algorithm tuned PID controller. After that I

have designed a neuro-fuzzy method based road estimation mechanism, I have based the

next control on the signal of the road estimator.


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