Control system refurbishment for a gas industry process

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The maintenance, development and expansion are important during a factory’s life. These are crucial to keep competitivity in the market competition. Furthermore, standardization is increasingly important for the businesses which control large factory networks.

A gas production factory decided to expand, which means a new plus set-up, alongside the presently operating two set-ups. Furthermore, the business has a new standard in the area of process control and this is the PCS7 control system. For these reasons, I considered two main factors at the implementation of the refurbishment. One of them is that I had to refurbish the control of the extant two set-ups. The another one is that I put on the new set-up according to the new standard.

Therefore, the final purpose of the refurbishment, that all the set-ups are controlled by PCS7 PLC, so I got acquainted with S7-400 product line and I examined the differences against the acutely controlling S7-300 product line. I made a migration plan for the implementation. Finally, I programmed error-handling and a handling of the analog signals and alarms. The solution is good for the new and the old set-ups.


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