Bearing processor and embedded controller

OData support
Eged Bertalan Dr.
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The purpose of my thesis is to realize a bearing processor and an embedded controller, which will be a part of a direction finding system. A part of my task is to select the appropriate equipments, design and realize the system.

I have recieved the task from Sagax Ltd.. Among others the direction finding systems can be found in the product portfolio of this company. Sagax Ltd. already has multiple types of equipments, but it was required to develop a small, well controllable equipment with low electric consumption and simple structure.

The direction finding equipment - created by me - needs to achieve multiple purposes. The first concrete realization will be part of a system that is able to locate Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacons.

In my thesis I will describe the applied direction finding theory, and the theoretical background that is required to understand and accomplish the task. I am going to explain the difficulties during the task realization and I will focus on the design and implementation details.


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