Devlopment of a handwriting analysis software

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Since we use our signatures to authenticate our official business, counterfeiting of signatures is becoming more of a problem, so special knowledge and tools are required to verify them.

In my work, I have taken part in a software development project of which the goal was to develop a signature authentication system. Currently it is a prototype. The application is able to decipher whether a signature is original or not by recognizing and matching features of handwriting and calculating statistic values.

In my thesis, the technologies used in the software will be outlined, such as WPF, MVVM, Publisher and Excel. I will express how I introduced and visualized the display of two new handwriting features such as accent and loop. Afterwards I will explain the backup and image loading logic of the program. A making of Publisher account will be introduced. In this account the values marked as attachment will appear such as samples and features of signatures and other elements like statistic reports from Excel. Following this I will write about how I appended a new bar chart to an existing Excel account. In conclusion, I will explain what I have learned and what further development opportunities are available in the software.


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