Archives management system realization using Java EE platform

OData support
Berényi Zsolt
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Every large scale business faces the increasing problem of the handling of the enormous amounts of documents, implied by legal regulation or internal operation. This procedure covers the processing, binding, searchability, preservation, and of course the disposal of these documents. The focus of this writing is the records management, out of these many aspects.

In my thesis I examined the records management needs of a specific company. This assessment yielded numerous issues, for these, I had to find adequate solutions, as a precondition for the implementation of the records management system. The main issues I encountered were the absence of the unique identification of these documents, the imperfection of the already existing archival records, and finally the lack of a document imaging software.

Firstly, a concept for unique identification was needed, for which, I came up with a Barcode based solution. This approach does not only serve as a good basis for the unique identifications of the documents, also the identification of miscellaneous forms, the automatic binding of these forms to files, together with a certain degree of fault detection can be implemented. The fields of application can be further expanded on demand.

After the concept was laid out, I examined the feasibility of records management, and which of the options can be implemented on the most economical way. I started by examining the maturity of the company according to the Business-Technology Management Maturity Model, then I compared the expenses of the traditional records management with the certified imaging and digital records management.

I picked the best fitting imaging software solution, tested its capabilities, tuned it for optimal use, and compiled an option pack.

Based on the requirements and concepts drawn up by the results of this study, I designed and implemented a digital records management system using Java EE technologies.


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