Design of the lighting system in an office building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Lighting always took a very important role of human's life, light is one of the most important necessity of mankind's existence.

In the first chapter we can read a short story about the developing of lighting without being exhaustive from the first times until today, the evolution and modernization of offices and about the connection of the two.

In the second chapter I give a picture about the lighting designer software DIALux version 4.11 - system requirements of the program, functions, drawing spatial, placing objects, the steps of light designing and technical calculations.

In the third chapter I examined the standard BS EN 12464-1:2002, Light and lighting. Lighting of work places. Part 1: Indoor work places, which details the quantitative and qualitative lighting requirements for most of the indoor work spaces, and the places attached to them.

In the fourth chapter there is a short description about the sizes of the office-blocks, of the rooms and about it's functions.

In the fifth chapter the lighting design process of all of the office blocks takes place according to the standard shown in the third chapter. I used the most recent OSRAM LED luminaries.

Finally in the sixth chapter I designed the lighting control of the offices upstairs with the system Osram DALI BASIC.


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