Design of the EIB controlled electric system of an office building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis project I present how I designed low voltage electric network for an office building. For the design I had to define the total rate of energy consumption of the whole building. I started the work with measuring the consumption of the devices that will be used in the building.

After that, I calculated the required power to the electricity network, which will be ensured by the local network operator. In this statistic, the growing amount of energy consumption is also included.

I determind the AC socket and their place in the electric network and I focused on the critical parts. I selected the lightsources which are used in different areas.

In the work’s next phase I defined the parameters of the cables. I built in distribution boxes for the optimal and equal power distribution, because that made the mounting much easier. This boxes contain the main protection devices, which increase the system’s reliable operation. For example the low voltage circuit breakers or the overvoltage protections.

I presented a possible way to optimize the energy consumption of the building. I did that by EIB instabus system which is used for building automation.

To sum up it could be said, that the initial goals were reached, because I created a plan that becomes a base for a feasible electric network.


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