Electrical management of an office building with KNX system

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My project is to planning a building control system, keeping in mind the office building power management options. During the planning I have used the KNX/EIB building control system, which laid the foundation for more than 25 years ago. The system is an integrated and coordinated operation between the different types of devices and functions.

First I present some of the opportunities for optimal use of energy, through the active and passive energy efficiency. Then I show the general description of the building control system, the structure, and the benefits. After that I demonstrate the logical nets, the topological configurations and the cable routing limitations.

I present the control options for KNX / EIB system, through the lighting, heating and cooling, shading, security, and surveillance technology areas. After that I survey the regulatory demands in each room of the building, and I give some suggestion for their implementation in the context of the listed above main areas.

I plan the building control system of the office building, and I present the tools, which I used in the plan, their main characteristics and their connection. Finally I determined the location of the sensors, keeping in mind the specific characteristics of the building, and I illustrate it on the blueprints, with the cable routing.


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