Design of the electric power supply and overvoltage protection of an office building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The main topic is to design the electric power supply and overvoltage protection system of an office building. My objective is, to introduce in a large degree, how the process works on the real life, against to the literature. Because if we reed only the standards’s complex language, often hard to understand and find out the facts.

In the first chapter I review the main bullet points of the electric power supply system, such as the middle voltage connection to the utility network of ELMŰ, and the main 0,4kV switchboard and distribution network. During the design, to increase the level of my diploma, I try to focus on to specify exact protection devices, not only technical content.

The second chapter concains the overvoltage protection system, after a short review of the most important theorys and standards, first I make a risk analysis, calculate the estimated lighting overcurrent and then designe the system.

Because of the diploma has scope limitation, there are some systems, which are part of a real building, but I did nor deal with it.


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