Design of the reliable electric power connection of an office building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

One of the most key topic of the building electricity is the electrical supply. To design and select a properly power supply for a building, there are several aspects to be investigated in the same time. These are for example reliability, flexibility, maintainability, performance, adaptibility (scalability), and fitting to the infrastructure.

In Diploma Thesis Design 1-2 my objective was designing a reliable electrical supply for an office building.

In my Diploma Thesis Design 1, my objectives were literature review, learning about these topics, concepts, investigation of related standards, and preparing the frame of the designing. I demonstrated the standards, regulations and concepts relating to the power electricity supply. I had to find out, the layout of the office building, and what kind of electrical equipments, consumers can be found in it.

In my Diploma Thesis Design 2 I continued my early work. I presented the possible equipments of the continuous power supplying system, I planned and quantified, what kind of consumers can be found in the office building, and then these consumers were classified. After it I summarized the energy demands of these equipments are in different consumer classes. Furthermore I investigated the simultaneity and afterwards I considered it when I calculated the demands of the consumers. Next step was to select the appropriate electric supply for every single class (normal, required, UPS). Oher, no electric parameters of these equipmets were investigated and considered in. I described the control principle of the whole system. Finally I made the technical drawing of the electric supply with the help of Autocad 2010.

During the design I was not calculating in the financial way, but in practice, this is one of the critical points in designing.


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