Design of the fire-alarm system in an office building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

A part of building informatics is fire and safeguarding which we can carry out with bus-system. The sensors are giving signals in time when its smoking or fire inside, so the people and property can be protected. In my thesis I will only designing the fire-alarm system.

The fire service must be a part of every building plan by ordered of the government who regulates it. In my thesis I will show you the regulations which the OTSZ (National Fire Service Regulation) has written, because with this only, you can make a fire service system. In my paper I will expatiate the fire service sysems’ task and sorting the fire alarms. After that I will show you generally some often used tools, which types I will choose the right one for my building plan.

Finally, in my chosen building’s plan (officeblock ) which I have the knowledge of the CAD building plan, I will design the fire alarm system. In the plan I will show the place and the cabling of the smoking- and the fire detectors, manual warning signal, sounder and semaphore.


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