Energy consumption of office ICT devices in nanogrid

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today is increasingly important to feed our energy consumption more efficiently, environmentally friendly, etc. in lower cost as possible. Over the years a number of attempt have been made to shape up a power system, where all of these feature or more is satisfied.

In the beginning of my paper I described, how was the power system improved in the last decades and what kind of innovative conception leads the development of the future’s grid. After the short introduction I delineated the main properties of Smart Grid. The review of the literature after Smart Grid went through the microgrid, which is a town-size grid, then I focused on the conception of nanogrid. After the demonstration of the nanogrid's main features I analyzed the consumption data of an office from the departure and the solar cells of Odoo-house produced energy data, then I evaluated these results. I examined whether a smaller solar system can feed the energy supply of the office and if it can, the question is, is it worth while installing the system.


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