AUtomation of a school building with KNX

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

To explore the possibility of modernizing existing infrastructure with building control systems, an in-depth analysis was performed on my former secondary school. The KNX system was used, which is one of the most popular building automation bus systems used today. Some of its distinguishing characteristics are exceptional flexibility, effortless compatibility with a wide variety of 3rd party components, easy installation, and a reduced amount of cabling. First, I introduce the general operation, advantages, structure, and addressing modes of the system. Then I discuss the potential for deployment of building control systems first in general cases, then specifically with respect to the school in question. I assess customer needs to define the system requirements. I present how these requirements are met for every room, including the specific devices used to address them, and the placement of the devices in each room. Finally, I design the topology of the system, and I distribute the network addresses needed for correct operation. Due to the type of this task, a reasonable part of this thesis consists of maps and spreadsheets containing the exact layout, list of devices, and addresses. Specifically:

- Map of the KNX rail placement and locations of devices

- Quantity of each device

- Physical addresses

- Dimensions of each classroom

- Logical addresses


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