Detection of psychological arousal based on skin conductance response measurement

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Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis paper I inspected some questions in the topic of detecting stress situations by measuring skin conductance.

In the first part of the paper I present the psychological and physiological background of the matter at hand and present some of the achievements so far. I describe the work of Poh et al. in details and their results which are relevant to my work.

The second part presents the researches done on the Department. I introduce the measurement device used with its embedded software along with its processing counterpart on PC side. The interesting parameters of the signal are described. I present the three types of experiments along with their protocols. The three types are: emotional task, cognitive task, biofeedback task. Each type is presented with an example experimental result, analysis of that result, and the consequences that can be deduced from the analysis. The algorithms used to process the signals are presented at the end of the paper.

Finally in the third part some ideas for further development are shown for improving the quality and effectiveness of the processing.


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