Porting J2EE applications into ASP.NET environment

OData support
Bóka Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays enterprise applications play an important role in software development, due to the fact that business processes of most companies are managed by software. Avoiding errors in such software is essential. In the development of enterprise applications Java EE and Microsoft .NET are the two main technologies in use.

Often there is a need for porting existing applications from one platform to another. The two technologies show several similarities, which can be explained by the fact that .NET and ASP.NET include the characteristics of Java and J2EE and this also applies for the opposite direction. However the steps of a porting process and the challenges of these cannot be considered as trivial at all.

My task included porting of a sample J2EE application into ASP.NET. Taking one by one the layers of the multiple layer application, I presented in each case the technologies used in J2EE and .NET and specified the steps that are necessary in the porting process. I specified the similarities and differences between the two frameworks in order to offer a view of the important aspects that should be taken into consideration when performing a similar porting task.

Beyond performing the porting task itself, testing also represented a major part of my work. I effectuated tests during several phases of the development: unit tests, functional tests and finally the user interface test.


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