Testing J2EE applications

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The damage caused by the mistakes made during development could be avoided with testing. The later the mistake comes to light, the more serious the consequences could be, so we must strive to find and troubleshoot the errors. However, during troubleshooting the developers can unwittingly break previously working parts of the code, therefore it is not enough to check that the modification solves the actual problem, we have to inspect other parts too. The bigger the system is, the more difficult it is to see it in total, that is why we need properly designed and implemented tests, which keep it under control sufficiently. The J2EE systems are distributed, multi-user, enterprise size, thus it is particularly important, because they are having many components which are strongly dependent.

The task was designed to familiarize myself with the testing methods of J2EE applications and to assess the existing tools and methods of test tasks. To do this, I selected a sample application, and I went through the typical tasks of testing with it.

The learning of the topic was followed by the composition of the system, than the design, implementation, execution and evaluation of the tests.

The first chapter is about testing in general, I present the J2EE system and the process of testing.

The second chapter is about the structure of the application and the definition of the requirements.

The third chapter is about the design and implementation of the tests. The various methods of testing come into view, and I show examples of the concrete implementations with the used tools.

The fourth chapter is about the execution of the tests. Each type of testing and evaluation is detailed in this chapter.

The fifth chapter is the conclusion, the review of the tools and the work.


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