Application of FEM software JMAG and Investigation of a Transformer

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Dr. Erdélyi István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The theme of my thesis is the cognition of a three-dimension finite element method (FEM) software, JMAG and its application on a superconducting, fault current limiter, one-phase transformer. In the first chapter I summarize my task, then I express it in detail. I got some Hungarian and English science litarature to my theme, so after studying them I sum up the most important parts belonging here, early in my thesis. Then I show a simple, practical and picturesque composition to introduce finite element method simulation. After the introduction I give general description about the software I used. A great part of my work was spent to learn the usage of the software, so I show the essential possibilities of the software. After the general itroduction I show the construction and the settings of the model, which I simulated. After constructing the model, the process of demonstration of the results follows, showing what kind of settings should be done to contract the wished set of results from the whole set. In the next chapter of my thesis I introduce the calculated results graphically and in charts as well, then I write the conclusions made from them. Beside the evaluation I write here the introduction of superconductor modeling function of another software belonging to this software package through some applications. After the evaluation of calculation results, the rating of the software, where subjective and objective opinions are written, can follow. My thesis is closed by the negotiation of the possibilities of the improvement on the topic and the summary looking into the future


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