Design of software components for vehicle diagnostic purposes

OData support
Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

This thesis presents the developed version of a test system used in production and development in the automotive industry. This version is a result of the Open Diagnostic Data Exchange (ODX) standard. The standard, which was published in 2004 and is used by more and more stakeholders of the automotive industry, serves as a unified tool that describes the parameters and data used in the communication with the ECUs of vehicles. In light of all this, in the case of the program used for diagnosing vehicle dashboards and displays, it was reasonable to further develop them with software components that are able to use data in the ODX manual.

In my thesis, I present the results of my research and development tasks conducted in my diploma draft. I also embark to present the general features and the possibilities of applying the communication protocols of the automotive industry and the vehicle diagnostics, especially the ODX. Additionally, I examine the relevant scientific literature in the topic. I also specify the expected functioning of software components programmed in LabVIEW designed for test program. Furthermore, I present and interpret according to standards the solutions used to meet the defined purposes, and the realizations of program components designed in LabVIEW. Finally, I summarize and interpret my work, and I specify the possible fields for further development.


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