Designing of Automobil Diagnostic Hardvermodul

OData support
Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

I met within the framework of the thesis the requirements for modern vehicles’ on-board diagnostics protocols, their development history, and studied about automotive diagnostic tools, their advantages, disadvantages.

Below of creating requirements for system plan we considered to use the results obtained by the subject named Project Laboratory, so the Bluetooth data transfer solutions came to the fore.

Then we specified the requirements and the system design. Once circuit design has completed, designing of printed circuit board has started. This process is a complex task: harmonized planning was needed, which created a balance between the limitations of physical dimensions, quantity of components have to be placed on board, and the limits of manufacturing technology.

Printed circuit board was manufactured by PWB Laboratory of Department of Electronics Technology at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. For assembling, Inventure Automotive Electronics Research and Development Ltd. provided the opportunity.


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