Robust vehicle platoon control techniques

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In this thesis I focus on a possible way of the control of self-driving vehicles. One method is to organize and control vehicles in a platoon on certain roads, where frequent maneuvers are not neccesary, like highways. This problem of control engineering is called „platoon control”.

In my thesis the main goal was to study the researches, theories and known control strategies of the problem and simulate these on simple models ending it with a summarization of my experiences.

First of all I studied the basic theories, and known control algorithms in both hungarian and international literature to be able to use modern methods on my models. After studying the mathematical descriptions and researches in the topic I tried two control algorithms in fictive models. These simulations were implemented in Matlab Simulink environment.

After getting up my knowledge and making simulations my goal was to implement the control algorithms on a real model car. To achieve this I used two car models which were available in the laboratory of the department. Thesec ars were built for NI myRIO developer kit. This choice was also expedient because the kit can be programmed from Labview software which is used in wide scales in industrial environment. While completing my job I made identification ont he model cars, I designed control algorithms, and after simulations I implemented the platoon control ont he model cars.


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