Controller synthesis for string stable lateral dynamics in vehicle platoons

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In this document, a lateral vehicle steering control structure is proposed for vehicle platooning. Measurable terms of sensors are considered to make clear, which terms can be used in a predecessor following control method, when it is not any information received from the platoon leader.

Then control structure is described, and to improve system performance and platoon stability, headway parameters are introduced to shape the controller input.

String stability is analyzed and guaranteed for a homogeneous vehicle platoon for the considered system, with the proper settings of headway parameters. For heterogeneous platoon, a low-level yaw rate control structure is presented to make the system fit to achieve string stability.

The outer-loop controller is designed by H-infinity synthesis, and optimal headway parameter values according to the distance from the road trajectory are sought with the simulation of a homogeneous platoon.

Then the efficiency of the headway parameters are simulated for homogeneous and heterogeneous platoon with two simulation models, presenting string stable/unstable state of lateral deviations.


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