Development of intra-vehicular Android based application

OData support
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The main subject of my thesis is to create Ad-Hoc WiFi based connections among different smart mobile phones.

The solution uses only java based tools and classes of the Android Standard Development Kit to build-up the information networks and open sockets between mobile devices. There is no need to use native code to make connections and it works on unrooted Android operation systems too.

There are three different ways how a phone can be the part of the network system. First it can be a HotSpot. Secondly it can be in WiFi direct mode or it could be use the standard WiFi connection possibility to join to another device.

With these different connections it possible to make a network system between several devices. The system can operate with only two or hundreds of mobile phones.

The solution can be used in any kind of application witch needed a device to device connection and communnication chanels. For example multiplayer games and chat applications or even social network applications.


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