Development of a Device Displaying Driving Style

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays Eco-Driving has become a widespread concept which resembles a driving style in a fuel conserving manner. With the usage of common internal combustion engines a significant decrease in the harmful emissions and in fuel consumption can be achieved, only, by the deliberate handling of the vehicle.

Increasing the efficiency of fossil fuel fired engines is becoming a challenge, but Eco-Driving offers potentially unused possibilites in this area. However there is a problem concerning the flow of information. Today most vehicles posess all data necessary to inform the driver, but unfotunately it does not always happens.

This is where the Eco-Display made during my thesis gets in the picture, as it warns the driver about the uneconomical use of the vehicle based on it’s signals.

It uses easily understandable light and audio feedback, which if not left unnoticed can save a significant amount of fuel either while using a common car or through managing a whole vehicle fleet.

The connection of the vehicle and the device which makes it possible to transmit information to the driver is explained in the degree thesis. The latter important issue concerning data flow towards the driver has a separate chapter detailing the steps of the box and front plan design.

In the following, details of the hardware and software of the embedded system which controls the Eco-Display are present, in which wireless communication (Bluetooth) and data storage (SD card) implementations are explained.

As a closing of the dissertation, contents of production specification and testing takes place, including steps of how they were made, as they have a significant role in launching a new product.


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