Building a Xamarin game

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The emergence of smartphones has brought great changes to the consumption habits of humans. Telephony has become just one of the many features as we can also use these devices for reading news, for playing media and for entertainment, and thanks to their mobility, we can take them anywhere with us. Nowadays they are capable of running modern games, because inside them resides an enormous computing capacity.

The hardware market for mobile phones has become excessively varied and the operating systems running on them are also diverse, among them Android and iOS are undoubtedly the most popular ones. From the point of view of a developer this is unfortunate, because they have to write their applications for multiple mobile platforms. Cross-platform technologies have been created as a solution to this problem. One of them is Xamarin, which can compile to native code for the Windows Phone, Android, and iOS platforms using a shared codebase written in the C# programming language.

In my thesis I examine the capabilities of Xamarin through the creation of a mobile game. I also need to get acquainted with the theory of game development and the principles of a working game engine. It is also an important consideration that my application should run on multiple platforms, so I chose technologies that are cross-platform, such as SkiaSharp, a class library for two-dimensional graphics and the Xamarin.Forms framework that helps in creating platform-independent user interfaces.


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