Building a browser based game

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s modern web development has gone through a significant transformation, due to the appearance of HTML5 standard. It offers numerous opportunities, which helped gaining supporters, and becoming widespread. Its main benefit, that it is under continous development, so it gives better and better solutions for a certain task. The major objective of HTML5 standard is to allow developers neglecting third-party extensions, making development smoother and faster.

In the first section of my thesis I exhibit the technologies used by my application, the most important were the parts and innovations of the HTML language. Besides, I show the useful features of CSS and JavaScript when creating a web-based game in details.

After that I present the implemented sample code of the game in the second section of my thesis. It was written in TypeScript which is an object orinted approach of JavaScript. In the terms of user experience I considered important, that a game state could be saved, and loaded. That’s why it was required to store data which meant applying server-side features. I implemented that in PHP language and stored the states in MySQL relational database.

I aspired after platform independence so the whole system is optimized for mobile devices. As an additional task I implemented the game as a Android application, with the help of external tool, called Apache Cordova, making the game playable without internet connection as well.


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