Game development library

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Everyone loves computer playing games, but only a few people have the opportunity to develop their own ones. Despite the fact that a plenty of graphics libraries are available, most of them are quite difficult for novice programmers to use. Most of them seem to be too general having a lot of different capabilities and features owing to their design not focusing exclusively on game development support. That's why in my thesis the goal is not to design a new graphics library but to create a framework that provides a common interface to functions generally used in the field of game logic.

It should be not only easy to use but the performance is also very important, so the library should be written written in C programming language, however it should also support game development on other object oriented languages. The system to be created should clearly separate between drawing and the game logic. The former shall support drawing the essential graphics elements, while the latter will help smooth moving of objects on a path or towards a target.


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