Application of Gane Theory to Improve the Efficiency of Telecommunication Networks

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays the telecommunication networks wait upon a huge amount of users with the same resources while their demand might considerably vary and compete with each other. A couple of routing protocols were invented and implemented which successfully optimizes the average performance. However, most of these protocols analyses the network according to the topology and do not take notice of the diversity of the users’ needs. They assumed that users sacrifice the maximization of their performance in order to enable the best conceivable for the community. Henceforth I’m analyzing the case where users are more active and their primary goal is to optimize their own individual performance and the performance of others and the enchancement of the average performance are not their main interests.

Game theory has many applications in telecommunication networks. At first, I present those tools which are available for us apropos of this technology. In the next chapter I will give a short overview about frequently used solutions in different network topics, then I will provide a solution based on game theory for the problem described in the first paragraph. In the end, I evaluate the results given to my diploma work and show You how the modell can be improved


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