Development of Game Theory Framework

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Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The introduction of game theory to the world of science open up new avenues for scientists. It became really famous quickly during its study. Due to its widespread use, game theory achieved great success in a lot of dicipline. One of its main scope is to model how people behave. For this reason, game theory has an imprtant role in psychology. It is often used in the world of business and economics, for example, to describe and analyze the behavior of people and agents. In biology major breakthroughs achieved with its help. Let it be the fighting behavior for territory or the communication between each other ,and many other, game theory has proved to be a useful tool. In the field of computer science, it plays a major role, for example in the algorithms, when designing networks, or in peer-to-peer systems. Even used in artificial intelligence research.

You can see that it has grown into a significant area of expertise. In my thesis, i describe the basics of game theory, its notable situations and dilemmas. I will give a short insight about its history and its development. I will give some insight into the application of infocommunication, and I will design a suitable environment for game theory to simulate situations and illustrate the results.


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