Game development on Android platform with Google Play Services support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Since the emergence of smart phones lots of applications have been created for them, more than one million have been uploaded separately to the dedicated marketplace of the two leading platforms, Android and iOS. They have covered a wide range of user needs during the years and as the platforms evolve there will be more and more opportunities in the developers’ hands to create diverse applications.

This year Google has expanded the list of features available under the Play Services group, such as completing challenges, having leaderboards for the players to compare their results. Although this already existed on iOS with the name of Game Center, offering similar services, Google’s solution differs in that it is available on Apple’s platform as well, in fact, any web application can use, it just needs to communicate with the proper servers.

During the semester my task was to implement an Android application which takes advantage of Play Services. During the development it was always important to consider the possibility of porting to other platforms, so I choose the developer tools so that it would be easy in the future and I created a custom solution for one of the functions, the multiplayer mode just for that. This meant writing a server application that communicates on a network with the clients, which can not only be Android applications, but also Java programs running on computers, because of the generally usable message format.

In my thesis first I present the smartphone platform in a developer’s point of view, after that I write about the design and the implementation of the concrete application, detailing the arising problems. In the end of the document I show the results of my testings and summarize the lessons learned and the possibilities for further development.


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