Game development with CryEngine

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the video game industry is a billion dollar business. The development of the cutting-edge AAA titles today is one of the biggest engineering challenges. Several software frameworks exist in order to facilitate the development process of these products. My thesis introduces one of today's most popular game engines, the CryEngine. During my work I used the FreeSDK, the publicly available free version of the engine. In the first section of my paper, I present the various components of CryEngine, including the physics subsystem, the graphical user interface, input handling and networking. Then I describe the implementation of an online multiplayer game’s client. The emphasis in this paper is on the programming interface of CryEngine, the usage of the designer tools will not be discussed.

The topic of networking will be covered in detail. After describing the general concepts, I demonstrate the design and implementation details of a custom networking subsystem. The purpose of my thesis is to provide a broad overview of the game engine and its practical application.


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