Game Development on iOS with Unity Framework

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my thesis a 2.5 dimension game will be made. (The graphics will be in three dimension, but the play field, and the movements are in only two dimension.) The basic idea of the game are combining two classic arcade games, the 1979 Asteroids and the 1978 Space Invaders. The player will control a spacecraft, and hunt for the enemies. The player’s goal to eliminate the enemies from the fixed level. The enemies will appear in different weaves. With the destroy of an enemy the player can get some powerups, and will able to upgrade the ship. There will be a special view where the player can edit the ship, place the upgrades. The player will

get points for shoot the enemies, and can get points from the powerups too. There will be different powerups, health, weponary, ship elements, and point powerups. From these points a score is formed, what can uploaded to a webserver’s leaderboard. The player can get various achivements. To create the game’s atmosphere, there will be a background music, and sound effects. Because the platform will be mobile device, the controlls will stand on the touchscreen. The player can control his ship with a virtual joystick and some buttons.


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