Unity game development

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are good reasons why Unity is one of the most popular video game engines of our time: with the help of the software, game making is no longer just the privilege of high-level programmers, but anyone can create a more complex game individually. The engine brings programmers and artists closer to each other, thanks to which more independent, so-called "indie" games are created. Despite being made by small developer groups, these programs can still compete with the works of great studios.

My task was to create a Third-Person Shooter game in which the character has to collect enough petrol to get away from the randomly generated, empty city. But this is not an easy task: dinosaurs are wandering among the skeletons of citizens, looking for fresh meat. The players can avoid confrontation, but, if spotted, they have to use their weapons.

In the thesis, I present the design and production of the game. Through this, I will describe the features of Unity that make game development faster and more efficient. The thesis contains animation, character management, procedural map generation, in addition to weapon management, gameplay, and artificial intelligence implementation using Unity and the C# programming language.


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