Unity Game Development

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The classical, historical-like Age of Empires series and the Warcraft series, these Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games inspired me to create my three-dimensional RTS game called "Age of Monsters and Magic" as my thesis work during this semester. For the development, I have been using the Unity Game Engine game development framework.

Real-time, in this case, means that any player may issue commands at any time, which will be executed immediately, in contrast to turn-based games in which the player has to wait until the opponent moves. The goal of the game is to let the players build their bases by extracting materials around them, recruiting armies, and then defeating their enemies.

In my thesis, I explain in detail how I designed and implemented the architecture of the game. I also present the problem of generating/obtaining graphical contents. Moreover, I also add a deeper look to the Unity framework and its usage by using dedicated components of the game.

In my thesis, I present the problem of performance optimisation too, which is particularly important for an RTS game since the number of simultaneously moving units should be large enough, but their look cannot be overly simple or superficial.


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