Game Development with Unreal Engine

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


The goal of this thesis is to create an aplication, and to learn about the Unreal Engine 4.

My choice of application was a modified chess game, with almost the same rules. The main difference in the game is that the players doe not always see the whole table. They only see the fields where one of their pieces can move or can Capture an enemy piece.

While implementing, I primarily concentrated on writing most of the application in C++, and only writing a minimal part in blueprint, which is the script language provided by the Editor.

I started with a short introduction of the theme.

After the introduction, first i wrote a general review of the engine, which helps in the understanding of the further pages.

While writing about the game I got every element of it one by one and tried to explain them for the reader even with no previous knowledge of the theme.

Basic knowledge of programming and C++ language are somewhat necessary, because I did not get into problems of this level.

At the end I summarized my experiences with the development of the application and wrote some oppinions and comments of my own.


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