Game Development with Unreal Engine

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Regarding the development of videogames, the application of an existing engine is beneficial from the very beginning, as it eases the main phases of the procedure. The Unreal Engine is a well-known, popular engine, with a wide-spread spectrum of available functions. Its capabilities in visualization, and also in physical simulations are outstanding, and it also supports an extensive list of platforms.

My thesis presents the opportunities of Unreal Engine through the whole development process of a complete game. My goal is the creation of an overall analysis, providing recommendations for the game’s architecture and for the teamwork, while reviewing the different workphases, including their connections and impacts. The thesis should be also useful for those developers, who have a will to utilize the highlighted engine, as it provides resolutions for many various difficulties.

I review the creation of the game’s characters by going into details, including the planning, the possible, essential problems that occured during the visualization process, the doubts relating to the connection of the characters and the game area, and obviously, the implementation itself.

Apart from the opportunities of the engine, I introduce my own additions, namely special solutions, which support the application of the layered architecture in the characters’ every aspect, which is a necessity to establish a maintainable code-basis, open for further extensions.


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