Game Development with Unreal Engine

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the popularity of video games is increasing more and more. Most people see them just as a way of relaxation, but there are some who owe their livelihoods to such games.

The goal of my thesis was to implement an application with the help of Unreal Engine, which can adequately demonstrate its capabilities. During this I gained insight into a framework which was used to develop multiple successful games.

In the following chapters first I explain what motivated me to select the subject of my thesis, describe the important features of a gaming engine, and briefly mention a few of them. Then I present the Unreal Engine, and its special characteristics, such as the Blueprint visual scripting. After that I describe the basic idea behind my application and specify its implementation, especially the specific roles of the game. During this I explain the principle of operation of the artificial intelligence and the implementation of the game’s other objects too.

Finally I summarize the results of the testing and the experience gained during my work.


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