Unreal game development

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the last few decades, the video game industry has become a significant branch of the economy since people can relax and have fun to play games either on their smartphone or their computer. To make game development less time consuming, environments and game engines were created which include common functionalities like physics system or artificial intelligence generator.

In my thesis, I present a first person shooter (FPS) game which I developed using Unreal Engine. The fact that I had evaluated numerous features of the engine resulted in a relatively complex game that is also enjoyable to play.

First of all, I introduce the Engine and further technologies I used during my work. For instance, I utilised Blender to construct a creature and improve the variety of enemies.

Secondly, I account the aspects of the game itself. The backbone of the software is the procedural level generation which will be clarified in detail. I elaborate on the design choices concerning the enemy creatures and their behaviour. To enchant the gameplay, I incorporated a few collectable items and some destructible meshes into the level. It is inevitable that all the necessary information is visible to the user. Therefore I also emphasise a user-friendly interface.

Finally, I mention how I approached testing as well as optimising the game. To conclude my thesis, I sum up my work and suggest a few options for additional features that could be implemented.


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