Unreal game development

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my modern word video games are one of the most wanted product on the market. Every day a new video game is released. This games are designed by programmers for good quality. The convenient way is that programmers use game engines for faster development.

My goal was to make a FPS game with the help of the Unreal Engnie 4 framework. FPS means that the player see through the character’s eyes and the player can shoot at the enemy (First Person Shooter). Unral Engine is a game engine where you can make your own game with the help of the developer tools.

In the game the player can go through rooms where the goal is to shoot down the enemy and gain point for it. The enemy will attack on sight and can kill the player. The rooms are randomly generated and the player can go backward too. The rooms what the player cannot see are not loaded for memory purpose. So only 3 room are loaded at a time (where the player and the 2 next to it).

The enemy will react different way in different situation. If it can see the player it starts to chase the player.

Players can get new weapons form the enemies after they died. The player only have one weapon at a time.


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