Game development for Windows Phone 7

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Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays it is almost inconceivable that someone does not own a mobile phone. These small devices have become part of our everyday life and makes it easier. According to the statistics, more than 6 billion mobile devices were sold all over the world by 2012, and 64% of the owners use their phone for playing on a daily basis. Considering these numbers we can see, that there is a huge potential in mobile phone game developement.

During my thesis work I developed a 3D version of an epoch-making video game. I had several target platforms to choose from, but I wanted to choose a modern one, so I choosed Windows Phone 7 as the platform.

My thesis covers the steps of creating a mobile game. These steps are developement, implementation and testing. During the developement process of a mobile phone game it is important, that we follow some kind of convention, thereby facilitating any possible future expansions. For this purpose there are many proven design patterns. In my thesis I present some of these.

After finishing a mobile phone game, we might want to make some money from it. There are several monetization models for this purpose like payed ads or Try&Buy model. Each of those has advantages and disadvantages as well. In my thesis there is a whole chapter which discusses these monetization models.


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