Game development using Unity engine on PC and mobile platforms

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Game engines which make developing easier are getting very popular in the

computer game industry. These engines make not only the technical implementations,

programming, but also deploying the finished product to various platforms much more


In my thesis, I listed a few development platforms (game engines), the today’s

programmer would use to create games deployed even for multiple platforms. From these,

I choose the Unity framework, and described it in details. This includes the user interface

of the engine, using it, and the basic tools of development, like scripting, spawning and

manipulating objects, configuring light effects, and making a custom terrain.

I present the usage of such features with two games I created.

The first game (Labyrinth) was developed for PC. It is a labyrinth style game,

based on the movie: Maze Runner. The goal of the player is to find his way out of a

procedurally generated maze. The labyrinth is made of conventional corridors, but also

contains some special rooms. The player must visit some of these in order to escape,

others serve only aesthetic purposes.

The second (Asteroid Hunter) was developed for android platform. This is a

rethinking of the old Asteroids game with modern graphical elements. Games made for

phones require attention to the player’s habits on such platforms, and the limitations of

the devices performance. The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as possible.

This is achieved with shooting at the asteroids and breaking them into roughly equal parts,

until they completely disappear. At this moment, they drop a coin, a collectable bonus, or

nothing. The collected coins can be used to buy spaceships with better attributes, and the

bonuses make surviving and coin collecting easier for the player.

The final part of my thesis is about concluding the experiences of developing these

two games. This includes the observed differences between PC and android platforms.


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