Game Development for iOS Using the Cocos2D Framework

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smartphones are rapidly evolving. Making more and more complex applications that take advantage of the advanced hardware components have become possible. Apple iOS is one of the most widespread smartphone systems. iOS based devices provide hardware support for graphical visualization, and allow the usage of OpenGL ES. Native OpenGL programming is too cumbersome and too complex for certain tasks. Cocos2D is a free, open source framework. It enables to develop two dimensional, interactive applications based on OpenGL ES version 1.1, without the need to access the low-level graphical programming interface.

I have created a game for Apple’s iOS platform with the help of the Cocos2D framework. The player has to control a racecar in two levels. One special feature of the game is that the car’s velocity can be controlled by the phone’s microphone. This is possible by detecting the pitch or volume of the player’s voice. While solving the problem I learnt the basics of sound processing and human pitch perception. I used an open source 2D physics engine, called Box2D to simulate the movement of objects in the game.

The application provides a good base for further development, with the ultimate goal to be submitted to the App Store.


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