Quest logic in video games

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The task set by this thesis is to implement a fragment of software primarily designed for video game development purposes in a modular fashion, that which allows arbitrary, pre-existing or still under development video game software managed by a third party to be expanded in such a way that they can now implement a so-called quest system as part of their gameplay logic, and also offers game developers to make use of a wide array of services and design options related to it.

The solution must ensure that the developers of the games in question are able to create so-called quest-net data structures in data files independent from the game itself, that of which can be used by the software module to process it’s content during the game, and where the quest system logic will handle it according to the way pre-defined by the module. Furthermore, the solution must also provide the developers with the ability to utilize the majority of services in their games commonly found during the creation of most commercially produced video games and are generally expected to be available; or at least offer any other alternate method that can satisfy the demands assotiated with the problem.


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