Designing and implementing a game engine in WebGL environment

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Technologies like WebGL and TypeScript makes it possible, to develop 3D accelerated applications such as games, which will run in our browsers.

In this thesis I will investigate how a component based 3D game engine can be implemented in WebGL and TypeScript.

First I will start off by taking a look at the current web platforms available today, then the focus will shift to the characteristics of JavaScript by examining how to write high performance code with it.

I will describe the game object architectures in detail then the systems I have implemented during creating my WebGL engine. These systems include rendering, networking and physics simulation. I have also created a basic editor for the above mentioned engine.

Finally I will demonstrate the basic usage of the engine by presenting simple examples I have created.

As WebGL will be supported by all browsers in the near future, I expect the platform will get more attractive to developers and more and more small to medium sized 3D applications, games will become available on it.


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