Game Engine Development with OpenGL

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the game industry, the challenge is that the computing power is not infinite. While the processor develops linearly, the graphics card develops one order of magnitude faster than the processor.

This challange is the most important in the gaming industry, because for an enjoyable experience, we need to calculate 60 frames per second.

My thesis describes different types of real time methods, which are the most common in games.

In the 2-4. chapters I write about the complex technolgies, like character animation, shadows, and water rendering. In the fifth chapter I wrote about different kinds of visualization effects, like anti-aliasing. For the importance of performance, in the sixth chapter I talk about optimalization methods which I used in my thesis.

Because of the complexity, I talk about error handling also in the seventh chapter.

In summary, I implemented the following features in the engine: character animation, collision detection, shadows, water rendering, generic particle system, height map generation, graphical user interface rendering, complex camera system


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