Strategy and sensing for mobile robot competition

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Kálmán Viktor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Robots have long been part of the popular imagination and a lot of scientists all over the world have been making every effort to design a more and more intelligent robots for various applications.

The design work is a multi-disciplinary field with profound background knowledge in different sciences.

Robots with artificial intelligence can provide enormous help for people in a wide range of areas. They can be used for military, health, space research and other purposes. In order to design, build and program a third generation robot with artificial intelligence we should start our work from the beginning.

My task is to develop an autonomous mobile robot for performing a simple task. This robot will take part in Eurobot international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people and sponsored by major multinational companies aiming at encouraging young and creative amateurs to think in an innovative way.

I would like to introduce some details, rules and tasks of the competition. At present we are not thinking of participating in the cotest. Firstly, we would like to develop an enormous system providing basis for students who wish to take part in the competition in the future. After this, I am going to speak about the architecture of a robot, its sensors and operation. Having learned everything about the robot it will be easier to choose a path for a design algorithm to be used in my work. After chosing the right strategy I will perform the actual task and implement the ideas followed by the process of development. Then using my own design I am going to show the outcome of my work. In the end I will summarise my results and outline my future plans.


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