Buliding a playable ad editor using web technologies

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It is necessary for large businesses that their advertisements are up-to-date and can reach as many users as possible. Interactive, playable advertisements are more effective as a marketing strategy than the ones that only pop up as they are more engaging for the users.

My job at a startup that specializes in online marketing, was to create a program that would assist users in the process of creating an interactive advertisement. The company’s main goal was to create a platform independent tool that would assist the users in creating such an interactive experience.

The company created a website for this in 2016. The site was not user-friendly and was lacking mission-critical functions. The main purpose of this application was to confirm the idea that users are more engaged with an interactive advertisement. Even this simple implementation proved that the idea was correct but the created application structure was not fit for further development.

Thanks to experience and recent developments in web application technologies it became possible to create an application that runs in the browser. This application is capable of replacing the previous version. The new structure made it possible to use functions that were impossible in the previous implementation.

My task was to create an application from the ground up. I also had to review the available programming paradigms. I chose the React library to meet our goals. The library seemed like the best option for the job because it is easy to create web applications with it.

The paper is about the creation of the web application as well as the other necessary components and the infrastructure behind it.


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