Testing of a Java EE based application

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The continuous testing of the applications has an important role at the process of software developing from the point of quality. It contains even as the tests, which analyses the behaviour of methods and variables of classes, just as the whole application as a complex process verifier tests. It is good both for the cooperation of developers in the company, and for the quality of released product.

However, nowadays they are not really care for testing the programs. It is important to know, that the right organization of the tests requries thoughtful competences and planning, which distract the developing of the application. In some cases can be the manually testing of the program enough before the release, which has lower costs in the short runs.

I analyse in my thesis, what kind of opportunities has the complete testing of a Java EE application, what kind of tools can use the testers, and what kind of problems can be suggested.

First of all, I will give some theoretical overview from the possible modes and technologies of testing. Thereafter I will describe the details of planning and the implementation of the tested program, finally I will show the test cases, and the results of the tests.


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